Untamed 2: Production Update 11/04/23NEW TIMELINE AND SHIPPING ADDRESS CHANGESHello everyone! I hope this message finds you well. In our last update I shared progress on packaging and details on the production of the Triple Triad Cards and other merch items. Since then, the project has been progressing at a good pace but there were a few operations speed bumps that ultimately changed our timeline. In today's update I want to provide a pretty comprehensive status update on the project as a whole and our new schedule.new timeline ↓STATUS UPDATE
Like many zine projects, Untamed 2 is really a collection of many projects that are created and produced in the same timeframe. For example, with Untamed 2 we have the physical zine and the digital zine. Both of which are produced separate from each other to ensure that the printed book doesn't have muddy prints and that the digital PDF is as vibrant as possible. In addition to that, we also have the "making of" mini zines, Triple Triad cards, enamel pins, post cards, art prints, stickers, washi tapes, and the packaging design for each of our products. Each of these pieces have multiple check points and require multiple tests to ensure the quality of production. Taken together, these projects take the majority of our efforts and with the size and scope of Untamed 2, this set of projects is by far the largest creative effort the team has ever undertaken.
When it comes to submitting things for print, files are generally sent back and forth with the manufacturer over a period of months. It takes time to test each file and make each illustration translate well when being reproduced as a physical object. And when things seem as close to perfect as possible, we will give the approval and go ahead with the final production.

Here is an overview of where all the projects are at:β—† Zine (Digital + Physical) - In the final proofing phase, making minor color adjustments, refining the book's flow, and reorganizing some elements for a better reading/viewing experience. Great news - we've secured the same printer we used for Untamed 1. However, they can't fit us in until early December, which has pushed our timeline back a bit. This delay ensures the book's quality matches our first volume and gives us extra time for fine-tuning. We'll have the refined PDF ready for the printer by November 27th at the latest.
β—† Triple Triad Cards - Final stage of color checks. The printer has matched the specs of our first set, so you can mix and match with your original collection. We anticipate the cards will be print-ready next week, and we should have proofs by the end of the month. (Moogle Mail subscribers will get an exclusive look at these proofs.)
β—† Mini Zine - Layout and interviews finished. Proofing and refinement to create a better reading/viewing experience. It's the first time we've created a 'behind the scenes' piece of content and curating the pieces and documenting the creation of the zine has been a blast! We have some bonus material in there as well in regards to events/content for Untamed 2 that has yet to be released. The mini-zine will ship out the same day as Untamed 2 Digital PDFs.
If you missed the mini zine they will be available again during the after sale.

β—† Stickers and Washi - Proofing stage. The files have been submitted and I am currently waiting for digital cutline proofs.
β—† Art Prints and Postcards - Color correcting the art prints and refining the back design for the postcards. Both will be ready to print by the end of the month.
β—† Enamel Pin and Charm - The designs have been submitted and I am currently waiting for a digital proof to confirm final production.
β—† Playmat - Design finished, submitted to manufacturer, approved, and ready for production.
Our current trajectory has us turning in production files to our manufacturers by the end of November and finished products arriving on my doorstep in early-mid February.FULFILLMENT UPDATEIn terms of our overall schedule, this means that we certainly won’t be meeting our original November fulfillment date. Our current estimate is that we will be fulfilling pre-orders in February 2024.β—† To reflect this new date we will be opening the shop 1 more time for last last-minute orders. Nov. 13 - Nov. 24 (stretch goals are only available as add-ons for last minute orders)
β—† And if you need to change your shipping address, we will be doing a last call to update your information in early February 2024
As we get closer to fulfillment I will make a detailed and dedicated update on fulfillment timelines, as well as reminders for the above dates.

Preview of the bonus booster pack packaging.

Nov. 2023 - Files Ready For Print
Dec. 2023 - Products Manufactured
Feb. 2024 - Preorder Fulfillment
Apr. 2024 - After Sale Begins
May. 2024 - After Sale Ends
May. 2024 - After Sale Fulfillment
Jun. 2024 - Project Complete
Next month, I'll share some of the final changes that we made to the zine, a sneak peek at a few of our bestiary pages, and a bonus look into what we do to get things ready for our manufacturer.
Thank you again for all your support and like always if you have any questions or if you would like to contact me, please feel welcome to send an email to ffxivuntamedzine@gmail(dot)comBest,
Tonberry Mod

Untamed is an unofficial zine made by fans for fans, it is a celebration of the world of Final Fantasy XIV, featuring 150+ pages of illustrations and writing that shine a light on the creatures, beast tribes, and primals that make the game so special.


Untamed is an unofficial zine made by fans for fans, it is a celebration of the world of Final Fantasy XIV, featuring 150+ pages of beautiful illustrations and writing that shine a light on the creatures, beast tribes, and primals that make the game so special.Untamed 2 brings together over 50 talented creators, each with their own style and artistic voice, to create a stunning collection of artwork and writing that showcases the cute, strong, graceful, and scary creatures of FFXIV in a unique way. In addition to the book, we also offer a collection of stunning merchandise including art prints, sticker sheets, enamel pins, and more.Following the success of Untamed 1, we knew we had to come back with a sequel that lived up to the expectations of our supporters. We put our heart and soul into every piece, and we hope you enjoy the final result.Join us on our journey into the world of FFXIV and help us unlock exciting stretch goals. This project has been an amazing experience for us, and we hope it becomes something that you treasure.~ The Untamed expedition welcomes you ~


Q: When will my order ship?
A: *update: orders are now scheduled to ship out in February 2024.
Q: Will my order be tracked?
A: Yes. All orders will come with tracking. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number.
Q: I missed the preorder. Can I still buy the zine?
A: Yes, follow Untamed on social media or sign up for the moogle mailing list to get notified when the shop opens up.
Q: I have an old discount code, can I use it for Untamed 2?
A: YES! The code you received with your Untamed 1 order still works. Thank you for your support!
Q: Will Untamed 1 zines and merch be available for those who missed it?
A: Yes, in very limited quantities.
Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A: Yes. But, if I am unable to ship to your country I will hold onto your order and ship it to you as soon as I am able. (International shipping will be slightly more expensive.)
Q: Can I place a group order?
A: Yes. Group orders are welcome.
Q: How are funds going to be used?
A: We understand that transparency is important to our supporters and we want to be completely open about how the funds will be used for Untamed 2. Our aim is to create a beautiful collection of merchandise that you'll love, and to achieve that, we'll be putting the funds towards ensuring that the production process is as professional and efficient as possible. This includes manufacturing, packing, and shipping orders.
When after sales conclude, any leftover funds, will be split among our hardworking creative team as compensation for their dedication and effort. We're committed to creating something that you'll be proud to own and show off, and we're grateful for your support in helping us bring our vision to life.If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on social media or via email. Links can be found below.

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